November 13, 2018

Renee made me feel like the best version of myself!

Finding a makeup artist to help you become the perfect bride you’ve always wanted to feel like can be very difficult! I’m so grateful my search was an easy one! I met with Renee at her studio in February 2018 to start my skin consultation and talk about the look I was going for. I remember during the trial I told her “I want to feel beautiful”. And as soon as I sent a selfie to my (then) fiance, and his response was “You’re beautiful!” (I swear I didn’t ask him to say that haha). Before I left she helped me set up a new skin regime to make sure my skin was in the best possible shape for the wedding day!

On my wedding day Renee arrived early, was extremely professional, and my makeup was just like the trial run! During the ceremony she did a little more natural look with a pink lip, and then for the reception she darkened my eyes and gave me a red lip! Having two looks was SO fun! I love having different looks in my pictures!

She also did my bridesmaids (my two sisters) makeup. One of my sister’s very rarely wears makeup, she maybe does twice a year. She generally hates having other people do her makeup, but she was SO HAPPY after Renee completed the look! All night she walk talking about how big her eyes looked, the lip color Renee chose fit her skin tone perfectly, and she even commented how she loved that her skin still felt natural!

I am beyond happy that I’m always going to be able to look back on my wedding photos and remember how beautiful I felt that day!