We use high quality low temperature wax for your comfort. We understand that wax selection is important when it comes to hair removal, so we carry 5 different high quality waxes to ensure we have the right wax for your hair type.

We now offer Monthly Waxing Memberships!

Eyebrow Shaping & Wax – $25

Eyebrow Maintenance  (every 4 weeks)– $20

Lip Wax – $10

Chin Wax – $12

Lip & Chin Wax - $20

Side burns - $15

Full Face Wax (Excludes Brows) – $45

Full Face Wax with Brows - $55

Nape of Neck - $25

Full Arm Wax – $55

Half Arm Wax – $40

Underarm Wax – $21

Full Leg Wax – $80

Half Leg Wax – $40

Bikini Wax (Bikini line only, excludes area covered by bikini) - $35

Bikini Full Wax (Includes bikini line and mound. Excludes the cheeks) - $40

Brazilian Wax - $55

Brazilian Wax Maintenace - $50

The Cheeks - $35

Between the Cheeks - $15

Men’s Waxing Services

Brow Clean up – $23

Nape of Neck – $25

Back Wax – $70

Chest & Stomach Wax – $70


Monthly Waxing Memberships

Monthly Brazilian Wax Membership - Enjoy the lowest priced Brazilian wax with this membership. Membership is good for 1 Brazilian per month and must be used within the month. Membership automatically renews monthly. Minimum of 3 billing periods required, after that the membership can be cancelled at anytime.  $49/month



If you use any of the following acne medications or creams, discontinue use 7 day before and after waxing:

Retin-A, Adapalene, Alustra Avage,Avita, Differin, Duac, Epiduo, Isotretinoin, Renova, Tazarac, Tazarotene, Tretinoin, Ziana 

Not discontinuing these listed medications 7 days prior and after waxing may result in lifted skin or a burn.

You MUST stop using Accutane at least 1 year prior to waxing. We require a Doctors note prior to waxing anyone who has taken Accutane in the last 1-2 years.


Waxing Aftercare Instructions

To ensure maximum comfort and benefit after the treatment, it is important to follow the steps below at home:

  • For the first 24-48 hours, avoid any activity that will cause perspiration. Perspiration may irritate freshly waxed skin and cause a breakout.
  • Wear loose clothing for a few hours post wax.
  • Keep the area clean and moisturized.
  • Do not apply makeup, scented creams and lotions, talc etc. for 24 hours.
  • Begin exfoliating the area 48-72 hours after your wax and continue exfoliating 2-3 times a week.
  • Avoid applying heat to the waxed area for 12 to 24 hours. This includes hot baths, sauna, and steam.
  • If you do experience a breakout post wax, use an anti-acne lotion for face, back and chest following the treatment and twice a day until breakouts are gone. Use only an anti-acne product recommended by your skin care professional.
  • Avoid suntanning for 12 to 24 hours. This includes any strong ultraviolet (UV) light exposure or tanning bed treatments.
  • Avoid applying highly fragranced products to the waxed area. This includes, perfume, scented body lotions, anti-perspirants, cosmetics, or feminine hygiene sprays. Only use professional products, recommended to you by the skin care therapist who performed the waxing service
  • Avoid applying high SPF sunblocks to the waxed area for 12-24 hours after the waxing service. Sunscreen chemicals can be irritating to the newly waxed skin. This includes self-tanning products and tan accelerators.
  • Any pinking of the skin should disappear within 6 to 8 hours after the waxing treatment. Slight pinking is normal, and indicates that the hair was removed from the root, rather than superficially broken off, as in shaving. This is the reason that professional waxing lasts so much longer.For best results, repeat your professional waxing every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the area and your individual hair growth rate.If you have any questions about your waxing service or after care at home, please do not hesitate to call your skin care therapist.

We offer all natural post wax care products in our studio!

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy:  We require 24 hour notice for all cancellations and rescheduling. If the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled late, we reserve the right to charge up to 50% of the price of the scheduled service.